How to Load a Container

Loading large shipping containers, or even smaller containers and boxes, with different sized items, can be a major hassle. How do you fit both larger and smaller items into the same box and make sure they come out alright? If you’ve ever tried to pack luggage, it can feel like getting everything you need into the container is almost impossible without a container loading calculator.

If you are packing a container for shipping, you need to be concerned with one thing and one thing only, keeping the items as still as possible so they stay still in transit. If a bump or a rocky curve ruins all your items, then no one is going to be happy. So put the bigger and heavier items in first towards the front of the container, and the smaller items near the back. That way, if the contents do have to move, it’ll be the smaller stuff moving and not the lightly packed items.

You don’t want the heavier stuff sliding around and crushing anything in the way, so keep things tight. If there is space between items, find something to pack it in and act like it’s a giant puzzle. If you have boxes, then stuff as many items as you can into them and arrange them in the container like it’s a giant-sized Tetris game. The cardboard is surprisingly durable, and they are easy to stack.

container loading calculator

As long as the objects inside the container are kept secure and every bit of space is used, you will be able to load the container so nothing comes loose and the unloading process will be made all the easier for it. Then everyone will have peace of mind and the container’s delivery will continue on schedule. A little extra work will make the whole process easier.