Questions To Ask to Decide if it’s Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Considering that circuit breaker panels have an average lifespan of minimum 25-years most people won’t need an upgrade for a long time. However, some homeowners opt to upgrade their circuit breaker due to mishaps, damages, or other concerns. Before you make this decision, ask yourself a few questions to decide if it’s time to call a pro to schedule electrical installations and upgrades hopewell va today.

How Old is the Home?

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If your home is older than 30 years, it is a good idea to consider making an upgrade to the electrical system for your peace of mind, comfort, and improved safety. Older homes with 60 or 100 amp panels are outdated and may be unable to handle today’s electronics and electrical needs.

Is there a Fuse Box in the Home?

A fuse box is oftentimes still in use inside older homes. If a fuse box is still found inside your home, it is time to as if it’s time to make that upgrade. Most homes with fuse boxes were built before 1960 and may be worn out or damaged and certainly may lack current quality and standards.

What’s That Smell?

You shouldn’t smell any strange odors coming from the electrical panel. If you notice an odor, it is a sign that the circuit has gone bad or that wires are frayed or not connected properly. These increase risks of electrical fires.

Ask yourself the questions above to decide if it’s time to upgrade. These are among the signs that suggest an upgraded electrical panel circuit may benefit your home and family. Nothing is more important than protecting your family from every perceived danger, including fires. Use the information here to decide if it’s time to make that upgrade.